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Discover the Joy of a Prayer, Care, Share Life

Lon Allison

288 pages
Iron Stream Media
Does the thought of sharing your faith with others paralyze you with fear? 

(im)POSSIBLE: Discover the Joy of a Prayer, Care, Share Life will inspire and persuade you to engage in a life of personal witness for Jesus Christ. Offering years of personal experience, author and teacher Lon Allison’s “prayer, care, share” method of evangelism clarifies and simplifies the witnessing life. Embrace new attitudes and you will begin the journey of a lifetime. Once you begin to pray regularly for unbelievers and your life of witness, your compassion rises. Once your compassion rises, you gain power over the fear factor that paralyzes many from sharing their faith with others. Now's the time to dare—what are you waiting for? You were made for this!
Author Bio
While in his twenties, Lon Allison first learned to share his faith through Young Life and Campus Life and has since shared Jesus Christ as a way of life for more than 45 years. Moreover, he has motivated and trained tens of thousands of people to do the same. Although he has served as a church plant pastor on the west coast, lead global evangelism efforts, and served as executive director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, he enjoys staying active and being back in the local church where he currently serves as the pastor of teaching and outreach at Wheaton Bible Church in West Chicago. He and his wife Marie call West Chicago home.