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Across the Street and Around the World

Ideas to Spark Missional Focus

Diana Davis Autumn Wall

224 pages
Iron Stream Media
Think doing missions takes a major time commitment or too much organizational effort? Think again! 

If your small group or church has talked about getting involved in summer missions but doesn’t know quite where to start—or, if you are a missions leader who has run out of ideas—then Across the Street and Around the World is for you! Across the Street and Around the World is a practical and approachable guide to ideas for church mission projects. Inside the pages of this book are hundreds of ideas to engage you, your family, your small group, or your church in intentional missional ministry. Intended to serve as a springboard, the ideas are carefully organized by the amount of time needed—one hour, one day, one week, or longer—helping you determine which opportunity fits you and your group best. Now there is no reason not to gather your group, pick an idea, and start doing missions. Ready . . . set . . . GO!

Author Bio
Diana Davis is considered the “ideas” lady. She understands missional living. Having served alongside her pastor husband, she has experienced missions involvement in all types of church settings—small, large, rural, city, and church plants. A prolific writer, she is the author of four books and hundreds of published articles for leading outlets such as Baptist Press, Rick Warren’s “Pastor Toolbox,” Let’s Worship, and Deacon magazine. While she holds a master of theological studies from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, it is her life-on-mission experience that Diana believes qualifies her to write with such practicality and vision. A Texas native, she and her husband, Steve, now call Florida home. They have three children and five practically perfect grandchildren.

Autumn Wall runs marathons, plays guitar, and designs websites. She’s a foster mom who loves the same things as her children: eating pizza, skateboarding, and playing in the snow. And she finds ways to use every aspect of life to be on mission for Jesus. At age 11, she went on her first overseas missions trip and was hooked. A graduate of Baylor University, she serves as pastor's wife and worship leader at the church she and her husband planted in downtown Indianapolis. Recipient of the Hoosier Hero award, Autumn is a contributing writer to Let's Worship magazine and serves her community with her passion for Christ.