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Global Navigation for Pilots

International Flight Techniques and Procedures

Dale De Remer, Ph.D. Gary Ullrich

464 pages
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This Third Edition of "Global Navigation for Pilots: International Flight Techniques and Procedures" is written and updated by Dale DeRemer, Ph.D. and Gary Ullrich, and serves as the continuation of what has been the definitive textbook on the subject since 1993. Covers long-range and trans-oceanic navigation techniques and procedures, and international flight planning, systems, and regulations. Topics include: GPS, RVSM airspace, featureless terrain navigation, celestial concepts important to pilots, ICAO aircraft registry information, and how to get your flight department ready to fly internationally. Fully illustrated in B/W, and includes glossary and index.
Author Bio

Dr. Dale DeRemer has flown many types of airplanes, and is also an experienced mariner, well versed in the ways of the water, having lived aboard his 46’ sailboat for seven years while sailing it over 70,000 miles. Dale was inducted into the EAA-NAFI Flight Instructor Hall of Fame in 1999, and named "Professor Emeritus of Aviation" by the University of North Dakota College of Aerospace Sciences in 2000 after 20 years of teaching aviation subjects at the university level.

While completing his Master of Science and Ph.D. at Utah State University, flying became a part of everyday life for Dale. During his career, he has served as corporate pilot, agricultural pilot and chief pilot for his own and other companies. He has logged over 24,000 hours total time in general aviation aircraft of many types. He holds ATP, CFI-A, CFI-H, CFI-I and MEI licenses with single- and multi-engine land and sea, rotorcraft-helicopter and instrument ratings. For 17 years, Dale taught advanced wilderness seaplane pilot courses to pilots from many states and several foreign countries, venturing far north into the Canadian boreal forest and arctic tundra waters. He has also been a central northwest Field Director for the Seaplane Pilots Association.

Gary M. Ullrich—Before joining the University of North Dakota, Professor Ullrich was a Test Group Pilot for FlightSafety, Adjunct Assistant Professor for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and Chief of Safety/Instructor/Evaluator Pilot with the United States Air Force. While working at FlightSafety, Gary helped to create their ISO 9001 Program. He joined UND Aerospace in 2006. He currently teaches Aviation Safety, Safety Management Systems (SMS), Aircraft Accident Investigation, Advanced Aerodynamics, and Long Range Navigation & International Procedures. Gary is a commercial pilot with multi-engine, instrument, and Boeing 720/707 type ratings.