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The Lost Arts of Modern Civilization

How to Taste and See the Abundance of Life

Mitchell Kalpakgian

104 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
In a world gone crazy one might wonder if simple acts of civility are worth the trouble. Dressing with dignity, writing letters, and innocent courtship are just some of the lost arts of kindness and integrity that Dr. Michael Kalpakgian tries to dig up and dust off, imploring us to regain the honor and worth our society once had. These noble habits of living fill common life with an abundance of simple pleasures that adorn day to day existence. The Lost Arts of Modern Civilization will inspire you to seek out and nourish the simple joys that lift the spirit, rejoice the heart, and enliven the mind.
Author Bio
Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian (Ph.D., University of Iowa) has taught English literature for fifty years at several colleges. Professor Emeritus of Humanities at Wyoming Catholic College, he has recently been an adjunct professor of literature at The College of Saint Mary Magdalen and at Thomas More College in New Hampshire and currently teaches at Mount Royal Academy. He is the author of six books: The Marvelous in Fielding's Novels, The Mysteries of Life in Children's Literature, An Armenian Family Reunion, The Lost Arts of Modern Civilization, Modern Manners: The Virtue of Civility and the Poetry of Conduct, and, most recently, The Virtues We Need Again. He writes for Saint Austin Review, is a contributing editor of New Oxford Review, and reviews books for The Wanderer. Also he does online articles for www.setonmagazine.com, www.truthand charityforum.org, and www. crisismagazine.com.