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Bergoglio’s List

How a Young Francis Defied a Dictatorship and Saved Dozens of Lives

Nello Scavo

208 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
In 1976 when Fr. Jorge Bergoglio was just 39 years old and serving as provincial superior of the Jesuits of Argentina, the military overthrew the government in a coup. The dictatorship went to work against subversives and communist adversaries through abductions, tortures, and even murders, resulting in the disappearance of about 30,000 people. Much has been made about the mysteries of Bergoglio’s actions during this time of upheaval. Did he fail to act against human rights violations out of fear or weakness? Was he guilty of delivering opponents into the hands of the regime? Or, did his courage and compassion prompt him to save lives? These are the questions that Italian legal journalist, Nello Scavo, set out to Argentina to answer. He had no idea of the remarkable truth his investigation would reveal. Scavo uncovers how Bergoglio built an elaborate network consisting of clandestine passageways, secret hideouts, and covert automobile rides, all in attempt to save what has been estimated at more than 100 people from torture, imprisonment, and even death. Bergoglio’s List is a collection of personal stories from those who knew the now-Pope during the days of the dictatorship, including: ·three students hidden for weeks by Fr. Bergoglio ·how he saved a prominent, dissident politician under the cover of darkness ·his bold march into an Argentine prison ·and much more For the first time in English, experience not only the untold story of Bergoglio’s courage and heroism, but gain an insider’s view of the place where he was born and grew into a man -- the man we now know as Pope Francis.
Author Bio
Nello Scavo (born in Catania, Sicily, 1972), is journalist with Avvenire, and an international reporter and legal journalist. He has investigated organized crime and global terrorism. He has written reports from some of the "hottest" parts of the world: former Yugoslavia, Southeast Asia, the countries of the former Soviet Union, Latin America, and the Horn of Africa. He has written two other books in Italian.