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We Believe

A Simple Commentary on the Catechism of Christian Doctrine

Msgr. A. N. Gibley

373 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
Taken from his own catechism courses, We Believe: A Simple Commentary on the Catechism of Christian Doctrine by Monsignor A. N. Gilbey was first published anonymously and became a surprise smash hit. Following the structure of A Catechism of Christian Doctrine, better known as the Penny Catechism, We Believe teaches the Faith in classic question-and-answer form. But where the Penny Catechism excels in its simplicity, We Believe excels in its thoroughness and depth, and in its personal even conversational explanations. Msgr. Gilbey draws from the Scriptures, the rich treasury of Catholic Theology, the writings of the saints, and his own perceptive insights into human nature to lead readers step-by-step to a comprehensive grasp of the Catholic Faith. Msgr. Gilbey divides his lectures into three categories: Faith, Hope, and Love. Faith covers Divine Revelation, the Trinity, the Incarnation, the Holy Spirit, the Church, the Communion of Saints, forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting. Hope addresses Church teachings on grace and prayer, Our Lady, and the Sacraments. Lastly, Charity gives us a rich explanation of the Ten Commandments. With a tender love for both the Church and for his students, and a distinctively English charm, Msgr. Gilbey's We Believe: A Simple Commentary on the Catechism of Christian Doctrine is at once engaging, personal, and inspiring.
Author Bio
Monsignor A. N. Gilbey served as Chaplain to Catholic undergraduates at Cambridge for thirty-three years and was the best known Roman Catholic priest in England in his lifetime. A U.S. book tour and appearance on EWTN endeared him to an American audience as well. Msgr. Gilbey was loved for his old-world charm and drew numerous English intellectuals to the Faith through his example and lectures. Now you, too, can take part in his life-changing class.