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The Life of Ven. Anne de Guigne (1911-1922)

142 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC
Anne de Guigne (1911-1922) began life as a difficult child - proud, bossy and strong-willed. But a profound change took place in her at age 4, and for the rest of her life the "little tyrant" turned all the resources of her heart and will to the practice of perfect obedience. This book describes the turning point in Anne's life, her First Holy Communion at age 5, her intimate love for Our Lord, her love for her little brother and sisters, her remarkable "motherhood" of souls, her purity, efforts in school, wonderful courtesy and beautiful death at age 10. Anne's intercession has been found to be powerful, especially on behalf of children and of "big sinners." In 1933 Anne's body was found to be incorrupt, and in 1990 the Church declared that Anne de Guigne had praticed Heroic Virtue, thus giving her the title of "Venerable." Anne is a beautiful and inspiring true story that is perfect for adults and children alike, for it tells of a 20th-century child who may someday be counted among the great Saints of the Church!