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Campbell Family 6 Book Set

1073 pages
Image Cascade Publishing
The 6 book set includes: The Precious Days For Each Other Forever and Ever Five's a Crowd First of All The Odd Ones The Campbell children, Sandra, Josie, and brother Tenny, live an interesting albeit unconventional lifestyle sailing around the world with their parents William and Mary. Eventually, the younger Campbells long for a permanent home on land. Sandra convinces her parents to move to a more traditional existence in Wallaceville, Indiana... at least for awhile!
Author Bio
Helen Dore Boylston was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, attended first Simmons College in Boston, then Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing. In addition to her Sue Barton and Carol Page series, Helen Dore Boylston also wrote numerous short stories and essays as well as Landmark Book, Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross.