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Carol On Broadway

244 pages
Image Cascade Publishing
Fresh and eager from the success which she scored in her small parts at the Winasset summer theater, Carol Page comes down to Broadway determined to find a part. She is ready to take anything, even the lowliest walk-on, for her dander is up: her father has taunted her with the remark that she will "go bust in two months." The story of Carol's and Julia's adventures on Broadway and the story of what the theater grudgingly gives to them has the true ring, the warmth and the color, which the reader expects of a Helen Dore Boylston story. This book is perfect for every girl who ever dreamed of "going on the stage."
Author Bio
Helen Dore Boylston was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, attended first Simmons College in Boston, then Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing. In addition to her Sue Barton and Carol Page series, Helen Dore Boylston also wrote numerous short stories and essays as well as Landmark Book, Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross.