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Freed and Healed Through Fasting

Sr. Emmanuel Maillard

88 pages
Children of Medjugorje Inc

Need help fasting?

So did Sister Emmanuel before learning the secret to fasting - out of love for Jesus, Mary, our children, those in the world who are suffering, those who are called to conversion of heart, those who need an extra boost in their spiritual life.

By fasting for yourself, those you love, and those you don't, you call down upon their lives graces from Heaven.

Why fast?

To be free.

To be pure.

To defeat Satan.

To be protected.

To suspend natural laws - like earthquakes, flooding, war

To heal.

To prepare.

To fulfill the plan.

Why read this book besides the reasons listed above?

To have practical questions answered.

To learn new recipes.

To learn from those who have tried and succeeded, including the saints!

Author Bio
Sister Emmanuel tells that after receiving her first calling to the Beatitudes Community in 1976, she received another calling – to serve Our Lady in Medjugorje. Sent by her community, she initiated the first branch of the community in Medjugorje in 1989. During the Balkan war in the 90s, Sister Emmanuel became known for her regular faxes about the situation in Herzegovina, always related to the mission of Our Lady. She has had an enormous impact on France, stimulating an extensive response to Medjugorje among French pilgrims, but her apostolate has broadened as her books have been translated into 22 languages and she has traveled widely to make Medjugorje known, particularly in the United States. Today, “Les Enfants de Medjugorje” and “Children of Medjugorje, Inc.” allow her to be connected everyday to thousands of people around the world, who are motivated by and spreading, the messages of Our Lady in their own humble way. Sister says that her greatest joy is to be part of a family formed by Our Lady, and being Her extended heart and hands for her children, especially those who do not yet know the love of God.