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The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory

An Interview with Maria Simma

Sr. Emmanuel Maillard

40 pages
Children of Medjugorje Inc

It is not often that a book touches the soul so deeply. The Amazing Secret of the Souls in Purgatory is such a book. Maria Simma, lived humbly in the mountains of Austria. When shew as twenty-five, Maria was graced with a very special charism - the charism of being visited by the many souls in Purgatory - and being able to communicate with them! In her words, Maria shares with us some amazing secrets about the souls in Purgatory. She answers questions such as:

What is Purgatory?
How do souls get there?
Who decides if a soul goes to Purgatory?
What are the sins that most lead to Purgatory?
How can we help get a soul released from Purgatory?
Are there religions which are bad for the soul?
Are there children in Purgatory?
How can I avoid Purgatory?

This is a remarkable interview on after-death realities, a true revelation for those who have lost a dear one!

Author Bio

Sister Emmanuel wrote this book in 1997 as a response to the many questions she received about the souls in purgatory and what she knew of Maria Simma.She continues to be grateful to Maria for allowing her to publish this interview at such a crucial time in Christian History.