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World Eve Left Us

Boston Teran

High-top Publishing LLC
In the Italian community in the Bronx of 1950, Clarissa-Catholic and uneducated-dies at the hands of her husband, a small-time drug dealer. Eve, his deaf and dumb daughter, is threatened with the same fate. A German refugee, Fran, taught the child how to communicate through sign and photography. This woman, marked by the unspeakable violence of Nazi barbarism, protects Eve, channels her rebellion, and encourages her to exploit her talent. But can she protect the girl against her violent criminal father? It is no accident that Eve flourishes as a woman and as an artist when the Vietnam War threatened to divide the country, where the music takes a radical turn, where violence is necessary in film: the reign of ambiguity and paradoxes began. Advocacy against the injustice that plagues the weak-women, the disabled, African Americans-it is also a cry of alarm about how the world keeps turning while evil thrives with impunity.
Author Bio
No one knows the identity of Boston Teran. Some say that he is a well-known writer using a pseudonym. Others say Boston Teran is the name used by a small group of writers working together to create one identity. Either way, God Is a Bullet, which has been described as Raymond Chandler on speed, is currently being adapted for film by writer/producer Ehren Kruger (Reindeer Games, Blood and Chocolate, The Ring and Transformers). His just-published fifth book, The Creed of Violence, was just bought by Universal for the second highest price ever paid for a manuscript. Todd Field, whose recent writing efforts were Little Children and In the Bedroom, was hired to adapt the novel for the screen. This is the author's eighth book.