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I’m Published! Now What?

Jeffrey S. Copeland

196 pages
Paragon House

This practical guide to conducting successful book readings, events, and promotions will help you understand and navigate the shifting sands of the publishing world. This guide will help demystify book marketing and prepare authors to work effectively with bookstore event coordinators, the best friends authors can have inside the stores. Copeland also shares what to do after events to maximize and build upon success.

Author Bio
Jeffrey S. Copeland is a professor in the Department of Languages and Literatures at the University of Northern Iowa, where he teaches courses in literature and English Education. He has authored numerous books, including Ain’t No Harm to Kill the Devil: The Life and Legend of John Fairfield, Young Adult Literature: A Contemporary Reader; Inman’s War: A Soldier’s Story of Life in a Colored Battalion in WWII; Olivia’s Story: The Conspiracy of Heroes Behind Shelly V. Kraemer; and Shell Games: The Life and Times of Pearl McGill, Industrial Spy and Pioneer Labor Activist.