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Fire Up Your Life in Retirement

101 Ways for Women to Reinvent Themselves

Catherine DePino

176 pages
Paragon House
Women want to be fulfilled in all areas of their lives and at all stages. They want to love and be loved. They want freedom from conflict and a peaceful existence. And when life doesn’t meet these expectations, they want to be able to deal with their disappointments with strength and courage. It’s that simple. What would it be like if women could realize all of these goals in retirement? This book helps women retirees fulfill their dreams by motivating and firing them up to live their best lives now, even if they weren’t able to realize this level of joy and contentment in the past. Fire Up Your Life in Retirement: 101 Easy Ways for Women to Reinvent Themselves calls retired women to begin living the best years of their lives by working, playing, and interacting with family and friends in ways they never thought possible. All they have to do is resolve and start now. The rest will surely follow.
Author Bio
Catherine DePino holds a doctorate in education. She worked as a high school English teacher, an adult education instructor, a department head of English, world languages, and ESL, and as an adjunct assistant professor at Temple University. Ms. DePino is a published author whose latest book, Excuse Me, Your Participle’s Dangling: How to Use Grammar to Make Your Writing Powers Soar. The author has written books about bullying, grammar and writing books for teachers and students, and spiritual books for teenagers.