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Seychelles Global Citizen

The Autobiography of the Founding President

James Mancham

350 pages
Paragon House

"James Mancham is the first President of Seychelles, one of several firsts achieved by this remarkable man. There is no doubt that here is a man with the capacity for high office —not only in his own country but also internationally.... He is ambitious, politically shrewd and a devoted Seychellois. He has the flamboyance of a Trudeau, the political determination of a Lee Kuan Yew and the stamina for travel of a Kissinger."—Alan Baily,The Times of London

"Mancham hailed, 'International Ambassador for Peace and Goodwill'."—Seychelles Nation

Sir James Mancham's colorful life is chronicled in this autobiography. The first president of the Seychelles, Manchm is a respected world figure and worker for world peace. His life story is intertwined with that of his archipelago nation.