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The Vision of Mormonism

Pressing the Boundaries of Christianity

Robert L. Millet

400 pages
Paragon House

Many question who Mormons really are. Mitt Romney's entrance into the political run for President gives this old question new life. This book answers that question and also the question, "Are Mormons Christian?"

Is Mormonism a cult, a Christian sect or a world religion? What has given the church its appeal? What does it teach? Many people have a vague notion that Mormon teachings are unusual but that Mormons themselves are wholesome and prosperous. Written in plain language and in a conversational style, The Vision of Mormonism provides the reader with an understanding of the core ideas and practices of Mormons today.

This book, though touching here or there upon history and culture, deals principally with the teachings and beliefs of the Latter-day Saints in order for the readers to decide for themselves whether or to what extent Latter-day Saints fit on the Christian landscape or are entitled the Christian label. While it does not go into great lengths to set forth the history of the most successful indigenous American religious body, it does speak at length of the twenty-first century Mormon Church, of the Church as it exists today.