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Philosophy of the United States

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Gordon Anderson

280 pages
Paragon House
The United States today stands in a position in the world similar to that of Rome at the height of its expansion. It was founded on principles which were admired by the whole world and has been a model for many nations since. However, the world has dramatically changed in ways the founding fathers could not anticipate, and the Constitution provides no guidance for many developments. There were no national corporations when the United States was founded. All three branches of government have sought to expand their power, and where it has been unchecked it has been abused. Selfish laws have been passed and pockets have been lined, undermining the legitimacy of the law at home. In world affairs the challenge is not so much a "clash of civilizations," as the arbitrary use of US power for self-interest more than the spread of ideals for which the United States has stood.