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Oneness Perceived

A Window into Enlightenment

Jeffrey S. Eisen

272 pages
Paragon House
Oneness Perceived is a sutra for our culture and our time. It conveys the viewpoint of enlightenment in a clear and systematic way. In the spirit of pure inquiry, the author develops a comprehensive theory of consciousness and uses it to illuminate religion, mysticism, science, and psychology. The book returns psychology to its earlier roots in phenomenology, taking introspective and subjective experience as the starting point and not as something to be discarded because it is "unscientific."
Author Bio
Dr. JEFFREY S. EISEN is an enlightenment teacher and therapist whose unique system of clearing negative karma can free people to complete their spiritual journey in this lifetime. He practices and teaches in the larger context of Omnius, the transformational path he has founded., His background is as a Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, Professor and Publisher, (Psychology Today Books). He has also written Get the Right Job Now, and Powertalk.