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My Personal Touch Cookbook

Mary Hayward

152 pages
Nimbus Publishing
Every community has its good cooks-those people who have a personal touch, who can take the same recipes and the same ingredients as everyone else, but make everything taste so much better. Mary Hayward is one of those cooks and she shares her favourite recipes (most of them she learned from her own mother) and her best instructions here in My Personal Touch. Mary raised nine children on these recipes, and many became her children's particular favourites. For the benefit of beginners, she lays out each recipe in first and second steps. For the more experienced, she shares her skill and the secrets that give her dishes such a personal touch.
Author Bio
Mary Hayward was born on April 20, 1919 in St. John's, Newfoundland. Her love of baking was born through her mother's determination to bake during the great depression and it was a love she passed onto her children and baking students.