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An Inuk Boy Becomes a Hunter

John Igloliorte

112 pages
Nimbus Publishing
For hundreds of years, Inuit of northern Labrador employed their ingenuity, courage, and deep sense of community to meet the challenges of living in a harsh environment. In the process, they developed a rich culture of customs and traditions that strengthened their family and community life as well their relationship with the natural world.

But with the encroachment of the modern world and the depletion of wildlife and fish stocks, the Inuit way of life has changed dramatically. In the authentic voice of a storyteller, John Igloliorte describes the Inuit way of life and the changes that are breaking down their time-honoured traditions. He shares with us the wondrous experiences of an Inuk boy's life- from his earliest childhood memories, to when, at thirteen, he became a hunter.
Author Bio
John Igloliorte, hunter, storyteller, and artist, grew up in the village of Nain in the 1940s and '50s. His deep affection for his Inuit culture is poignantly woven into the story of his life and the drawings that enrich it.