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The New Old

How the Boomers Are Changing Everything ... Again

David Cravit

208 pages
Ecw Press
The oldest Baby Boomers have turned 60 so everybody’s starting to talk about the “aging of the population.”But most of the talk is about numbers: what percentage of the population will be how old in what year, what it will mean for welfare rates or health-care costs, etc. But what’s missing is the qualitative story. It’s not there are more “older people” out there. It’s that they are not the same as the older people of any previous generation.This book will explore how the Baby Boomer generation is permanently destroying the previous meanings of: Aging, Retirement, Seniors, And even…maybe… Death.The New Old shows how the Boomers’ simple act of refusing to age is creating a revolution — in everything from education to employment to housing to health and beauty and, of course, to sex.The book is be backed up with solid statistical support, but it is not primarily about numbers — it’s about people. It’s about new ground being broken, new ways of thinking, new kinds of social and work relationships, new products that can reduce or even eliminate the effects of aging. It will offer a sneak preview of an entirely new society that is coming — a society in which getting your gold watch at the age of 65 will simply mean the first half of your life is over.The book will also lay out specific strategies organizations must follow to take advantage of the opportunities — and avoid being rendered irrelevant and uncompetitive in the new order.
Author Bio
David Cravit has over 30 years’ experience in advertising, marketing, and consulting in both Canada and the USA. He has participated at the most senior levels in the creation and placement of over $5 billion worth of media advertising. He is Senior Vice President, Marketing, for Fifty-Plus.Net Inc., which operates the largest Internet portal for Boomers and seniors.