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Your Guide to the Perfect Smile

What’s in a Smile? More Than You Imagine

Edward S. Philips D.D.S. Gerard J. Chiche D.D.S. Mark Breslin

152 pages
Ecw Press
Your Guide to the Perfect Smile is a visual feast that celebrates the beauty of the human smile and shows you how you can work with your dentist to find your perfect smile. The book is equal parts dentistry and fashion, explaining the design principles behind beauty in general and smiles in particular. Covering the ten principles of smile design, the book advises you on how to work with your dentist to get that beautiful smile you so richly deserve.
Author Bio
Edward S. Philips, D.D.S., is the Toronto-based dental surgeon who first charted and categorized smile patterns, stages, and types. For the past decade, through his Studio for Aesthetic Dentistry, he has redesigned the smiles of thousands of people. He lectures at such schools as University of Toronto, Niagara College, University of Buffalo (SUNY), and Case Western Reserve.