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Call to Arms

Embrace a Kindness Revolution

Chris Bratseth Brad Stokes Erik Hanson Val Litwin Catherine Ryan Hyde

292 pages
Ecw Press
“... after reading [the] first-person accounts in this book I feel as if someone has opened a door and let me in, helped me see ‘what it was really like.’ This book magically allows me to feel I was there for all of it. It will do the same for you.” — Catherine Ryan Hyde, author, Pay It Forward “A delightfully inspirational book about the power of a small band of people to make a big difference. Read it and help our world become a better place.” — Robin Sharma, author, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO “Virtual angels.”—Elle This candid and inspirational account of the numerous acts of kindness performed by the Kindness Crew provides readers with ways to start their own kindness movement by showing them how to put the kindness philosophy into action. The crew explores cross-cultural, cross-generational, and corporate kindness as well as the power of one, kindness on the street, and extreme acts of kindness. The Extreme Kindness Tour shares heartwarming stories, testimonials, and photographs. An extensive resources section contains lists of recommended books, websites, and activities for people looking to start or join a kindness movement in their own community.
Author Bio
Chris Bratseth, Brad Stokes, Erik Hanson, and Val Litwin speak at conferences, schools, and clubs about the kindness revolution. They all live in Victoria, British Columbia. Catherine Ryan Hyde is the author of Pay It Forward. She lives in Santa Barbara, California.