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To Be Continued...Volume 1

Gordon j. h. Leenders

232 pages
Ecw Press
Agnes, an elderly widow, struggles with a failing memory and a troubled past. Claudia, a 30-something nurse, is desperate to end her current relationship and still hang onto her apartment in Toronto. Guy is an ex-teacher whose reputation for seducing schoolboys has forced him out of Montreal. Lili is a young girl bent on going under the knife for unnecessary cosmetic surgery. Katie and her grandfather make an extraordinary discovery while in the woods near their Hamilton home. These are some of the memorable characters who people Gordon j.h. Leenders’ eloquent new novel To Be Continued . . .. Leenders fashions a series of entertaining, interconnected stories that portray the random collision of people, places, and ideas. He weaves a unique tapestry of imaginative and compelling interactions, characterizing lives as disparate and similar as our own.
Author Bio
Gordon j.h. Leenders lives in Nanticoke, Ontario, with his wife Shannon and son Mason. He is the author of the critically acclaimed May Not Appear Exactly As Shown.