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Wrestle Radio U.S.A.

Grapplers Speak

Vinnie Carolan Ed Symkus

300 pages
Ecw Press
A comprehensive collection of unique, exclusive interviews with the biggest names and players in the raucous, controversial world of professional wrestling, Wrestle Radio U.S.A.: Grapplers Speak is both a fascinating oral history and an insider’s guide into the ups and downs, the show-business, athleticism, and politics of a multi-million dollar entertainment industry. Being more than just hardcore fans, Vinnie Carolan and Ed Symkus bring a level of confidence and expertise to the table that disarms their subjects and inspires the kind of candor rarely found in wrestling interviews. Whether it’s classic greats like Lou Thesz, Bruno Sammartino, and George “The Animal” Steele or today’s industry standards like Chris Benoit, Eddie Guererro, and Sandman, the superstars of wrestling break character and take you backstage, into locker rooms, and on the road. It’s all here: the characters and the people who played them, the wildly successful storylines and the embarrassing failures, the ruthless business, inside problems, and tragedies — and who was stabbing who in the back.
Author Bio
Ed Symkus, arts writer for Community Newspaper Company, and Vinnie Carolan, tax specialist for EquiServe, have been wrestling fans for most of their lives. Their show, Wrestle Radio U.S.A., had a four and a half-year run. They remain friends and still watch Raw every week.