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Classic Jokes

Yuk Yuk's Joke Books, Volume I

Jeff Silverman Lawrence Morgenstern Dave Cornell

144 pages
Ecw Press
They say laughter is the best medicine, which explains why you need a prescription for nitrous oxide. This book, Classic Jokes, is the first volume in the Yuk Yuk’s Joke Book Series. One brief note on the overall content of these jokes. The prevailing and annoying politically correct movement is still wielding its oppressive might. Although the jokes are still here, you may need to substitute the less cruel term “moron” in place of whichever race, creed, sex, or religious group you’d like to insert in its place when no one is watching. The 500 jokes in this volume represent all the classic forms of comedy — one-liners, shaggy dog stories, riddles, light bulbs, and many more. And as always, they come with the Yuk Yuk’s iron-clad guarantee.