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Guide to Law Schools in Canada

Catherine Purcell

332 pages
Ecw Press

Featuring details of 17 common law schools and 5 civil law schools, Guide to Law Schools in Canada is a comprehensive book whose purpose is to help people considering a law degree to differentiate between schools and to answer common questions regarding the law degree. The emphasis is placed on what is unique about each law school, and where the school's strengths and weaknesses lie. Comparisons among the schools are made in the appendix using charts, and special characteristics are highlighted in the "Unique Characteristics" chapter. Also included are chapters on myths surrounding the law degree, trends and issues in legial education, aboriginal people and access to legal education, and how to improve your chances of being admitted.

Author Bio

Catherine Purcell is the author of "Guide to MBA Schools in Canada, 1996-98" and "Canadian Professional Schools Factsheets, 1996-98." She is a Career Counsellor at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.