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Take Me Up

Stephen Lungu

24 pages
Christian Focus Publications

Stephen Lungu was only three years old when his mother abandoned him on the streets of Zimbabwe. By the age of eleven, Stephen had run away too, living a life on the streets, sleeping rough and scavenging for his food. As a teenager he was recruited into the Black Shadows gang, with dreams of revolution and terrorism. Stephen’s intention was even to fire bomb an evangelistic event being held in his town but instead of bringing death and destruction he stayed to listen. That was when his life changed from a life of darkness and fear to a life of being held in the arms of his heavenly father.

Author Bio
(1942–2021) Stephen Lungu was one of the great evangelists of his generation. In the 1980s he joined African Enterprise and went on to become the AE Malawi Team Leader for several decades. Stephen passed away in 2021 after a brief battle with Corona Virus.