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Track: Anxiety

A Student's Guide to Anxiety

Edward T. Welch

96 pages
Christian Focus Publications

Are you weary of worry?

Blending psychological expertise with pastoral care, Edward Welch addresses the unique challenges students encounter, from academic stress to social pressures.

We all know the feeling. That nervous, jittery, tense feeling that tells you that something bad is just ahead. Anxiety can be overwhelming. But the Bible has plenty to say to people who are anxious. This book will help us to take our eyes off our circumstances and fix them on God.


Specifically tailored to students, this guide is packed with actionable advice, reflective exercises, and spiritual encouragement, making it a valuable resource for those seeking to understand and manage their anxiety effectively.  With great compassion, Welch equips students with the tools they need to track their anxiety, understand its triggers, and find lasting peace amidst the chaos of student life.



  • This is Really Important
  • The Lord is Near You
  • Speak to the Lord
  • God is Loving, God is Strong
  • A Walk With God
  • Your Wants and Your Fears
  • Today
  • Anxiety Left to Itself
  • Living Now
  • Courage and Rest
  • Appendix A: What Now?
  • Appendix B: Other Books on this Topic

Track is a series of books designed to disciple the next generation in the areas of culture, doctrine, and the Christian life. While the topics addressed aren’t always simple, they are communicated in a manner that is.


With the intention of the content being absorbed, examined and applied, each chapter includes a summary of the main point, and reflection questions that can be used individually, in 1–2–1 mentoring or in a group setting.



Author Bio
Counselor & Faculty at Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation and author of ‘When People Are Big and God is Small’, ‘Running Scared’, and ‘Shame Interrupted’