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Into the Storm

Chronicle of a Year in Crisis

Christopher R. Altieri

416 pages
St. Benedict Press LLC

Into the Storm: Chronicle of a Year in Crisis is an in-depth look at the critical events of a year that opened a new chapter in the crisis of leadership affecting the Catholic Church.

This on-the-ground analysis details bishops' ongoing inability to address the rot within their own leadership culture.

Written by a journalist with many years experience at the Vatican, Into the Storm takes readers through the events of the tumultuous year 2018, with the kind of insight that only a keen observer of human nature and ecclesiastical politics can offer.

Into the Storm will inform readers' understanding of the twisted logic of action that unfolded throughout the year and has brought us to where we are in the life of the Church.

Author Bio
Christopher R. Altieri is a philosopher living in Rome, Italy, with his wife, Ester, and their two children. He has been a journalist and news editor at Vatican Radio for ten years, and has translated several works in philosophy, theology, and history. He has also taught comparative religion at the crossroads of political theology and cultural anthropology. He defended his PhD dissertation, The Soul of a Nation: America as a tradition of inquiry and nationhood at the Pontifical Gregorian University in 2010.