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You & I, Inc.

The Connection of Sexuality and Spirituality

Aj Beaber

296 pages
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"As your desire is, so is your will As your will is, so is your deed As your deed is, so is your destiny." -The Upanishads The words on the back of the Madame's business card sent a chill through Lenea's body, causing her to question what it is she desires most: a partner in life. But how could this be her destiny when she doesn't trust men? The answer awaits in an erotically mysterious dance studio, where a French Madame teaches Lenea and a group of women that any desire they have can be expedited through dance lessons; an intriguing objective. A sisterhood is formed in the studio and things start to go awry when Lenea begins to experience the paranormal. She grasps for a hold on reality as she seeks to understand these supernatural occurrences and how they affect her life and her growing relationship with an incredibly hot, single and talented artist who seems to have caught the eye of more than just Lenea. Ultimately the navigation through her rock-strewn journey leads to her own sexual awakening, and the truth about the one thing she believes matters most in a relationship: Trust.
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In her debut novel, AJ Beaber reveals her discovery of the link between sexuality and spirituality. An author and public speaker, she shares her message of tapping into this unseen energy source and discovering life’s limitless possibilities. She lives with her husband and children in metropolitan Denver.