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It’s Not About The Goo

A Memoir of Cosmetics Obsession and My Discovered Identity

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Can that mountain of cosmetics give you clues to your self-esteem and identity? Yes, indeed!IT’S NOT ABOUT THE GOO explores the reasons why women collect cosmetic ‘Goo’.Angela wondered why she had so many cosmetics. Surely she didn’t need so much. It wasn’t logical. Why not clean it up? It sounded so simple until she realized that she couldn’t let it go. The mountain of dirty old cosmetics turned out to be part of the story of Angela. After seeing the link between her reluctance to throw away old cosmetics and her self-worth, she set about to change how she felt about herself.
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Angela Willows is a self-confessed cosmetics junky and “Goo Whisperer.” As the owner of a ‘Texas-sized’ cosmetic bag, she has been wearing cosmetics since she was 10 years old. A Canadian accountant, she lives and works in Switzerland.