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My Story

Shanon Jacobs

82 pages
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Unveiled: My Story is about a young woman’s struggles in life—how she managed from childhood to adulthood, scared and frightful at times, and striving to be brave at other times; how she conquered pain, the loss of a loved one, believing in higher power, and always having hope, ready to face another day. Via couplet poetry, she keeps us captive with a simple yet inspiring story for those who would read it.

Author Bio

Shanon Jacobs’s career as a freelance writer started in the middle of June 2012, during her struggles in handling the loss of her father. Her couplet poetry has been successfully published by Mountain Tales Press, Volume 2, Issue 2. She studied electrical engineering at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), and has worked for ten years in this trade, specializing as a senior energy advisor, in the energy efficiency sector. Outside her professional career, she loves reading, writing, and enjoys living in Cape Town, South Africa, with her family, friends, and dogs.