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Miracle Dog Miracle God

What God the Father Taught Me about Himself Through the Love of a Dog

John McCreedy

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I’m more convinced than ever that if you’re going to write a book it must come from deep inside you. I believe that’s so true regarding the writing of any good book, but particularly this volume. While my first published work “The Seer’s House” arrived in one single vision at 3 o’clock in the morning, my second endeavour “Miracle Dog; Miracle God” took a lot longer to emerge. For over ten years following my first publication, I was caught up in the mission field in Romania and literally didn’t have time to write a follow-up. Indeed, only after I’d returned from Romania and been separated from my best friend Snowbell, our Golden Retriever Labrador, did I really begin to accept that another book may be about to be birthed. I couldn’t shake off the writing of this book and so eventually I sat down and wrote it. Nevertheless, “Miracle Dog; Miracle God” hasn’t been the easiest manuscript to create for various reasons. Trying to keep to my subject matter what God the Father taught me about Himself through the love of a dog, when there was so much more to tell about our Romanian endeavours, hasn’t been straightforward. Writing each chapter as a parable was equally challenging, but in the end I think I’ve managed to produce what has been within me since 2008. Finally, the emotion I experienced writing about this remarkable little dog was quite unexpected. On numerous occasions I would have to literally down tools and shed tears, while at other times I laughed out loud and so enjoyed reminiscing about happier moments with Snowbell. My desire is that “Miracle Dog; Miracle God” will make you laugh and cry, yet also instruct you about the amazing unconditional love of God. After all, that’s exactly what happened to me when I was introduced to Snowbell, a beautiful gift from God to my life, if ever there was one.
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John McCreedy wrote his first book The Seer’s House in 1997, but his life was divinely interrupted when God called him and his wife Louise to the mission-field in Romania at the beginning of the new millennium. Having encountered both persecution and blessing during their Romanian experiences, John has developed vast missionary understanding and is well qualified to write this book which focuses primarily on what God the Father has taught him about the love of God. Christian workers, aspiring missionaries, dog lovers and pet owners in general are all certain to be blessed and informed by this amazing story. A journalist for 15 years, before entering the ministry, John wrote for local and national newspapers and was a well-known freelance broadcaster during the 1990’s working firstly for BBC Northern Ireland and then UTV live. A former junior international athlete during his youth, both he and his wife Louise were in Romania as missionaries for almost a decade, before returning to Northern Ireland where John is now involved as an assistant pastor at the Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast. He’s still involved in media work at the church being responsible for TV programmes, website updates, a weekly article entitled Coffee Break and most other public relations duties there.