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A Celebration of Mindfulness

20 pages
Flowerpot Childrens Press

Teamwork makes the dream work!

The latest addition to the A Celebration of Mindfulness series encourages readers to think about all the things they can do to make their dreams come true. This inspiring and simplistic title reinforces the power of positive thinking and working together to achieve your dreams and goals.

About the A Celebration of Mindfulness series: Along with Believe, Peace, Love, Joy, Kindness, I Am, and Patience, Think is part of the A Celebration of Mindfulness series from Flowerpot Press. Featuring visually appealing spot UV and foil text cover enhancements, this series aims to encourage mindfulness in young readers as they enjoy the delightful illustrations and familiar scenarios.

Author Bio

Katie Wilson is an illustrator based in beautiful New Zealand. She has an eye for the small things that live in quiet places. Her illustrations are peaceful, but with a sense of whimsy. She enjoys gray days, gardening, and spending time with animals, both wild and tame.