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Seek & Find Picture Dictionary

Over 500 pictures to seek and find and over 1,000 words to learn!

112 pages
Flowerpot Childrens Press

Where is the astronaut? Floating upside down in the airport, of course!

In this expansive Seek & Find Picture Dictionary, you can explore each of the 12 whimsical scenes to see what you can find hidden among the crowds of people, animals, and objects. Each scene is packed with images that represent the featured letters of the alphabet. (Look in the corners of the page for the featured letters!) You can learn about some of the words you found and many more in the dictionary pages that follow. See how many pictures your child can spot as they learn the more than 1,000 words featured in this book.

This picture dictionary can help readers develop skills in common phonics patterns, phonemic awareness, spelling, alphabetic order, vocabulary families, recognition and prediction, object identification, synonyms. and antonyms!

Author Bio

Juan Sebastian Amadeo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He combines his work as an illustrator with being a fine artist. For many years he has specialized in illustrating educational books and contributing to National newspapers in both Argentina and Ecuador as well as illustrating board games. His playful, colorful, and fun illustration style has been published extensively in South America, Central America, and North America, as well as Europe and Asia. His fine art has been exhibited in Argentina, Spain, and France.