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I Am

A Celebration of Mindfulness

Katie Wilson

20 pages
Flowerpot Childrens Press

I am magic! 

This adorable new addition to the A Celebration of Mindfulness series is filled with positive affirmations for little ones to practice and use every single day. Featuring adorable animal art throughout, readers are guided through the book and encouraged to repeat the affirmations as they go. From strong to happy to calm, each soothing and encouraging word allows the reader to find different ways to express themselves through I am statements.  

About the A Celebration of Mindfulness series: Along with Peace, LoveJoy, and Kindness, I Am is part of the A Celebration of Mindfulness series from Flowerpot Press. Featuring visually appealing spot UV and foil text cover enhancements, this series aims to encourage mindfulness in young readers as they enjoy the delightful illustrations and familiar scenarios.

Author Bio

Katie Wilson is an illustrator based in beautiful New Zealand. She has an eye for the small things that live in quiet places. Her illustrations are peaceful, but with a sense of whimsy. She enjoys gray days, gardening, and spending time with animals, both wild and tame.