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Are You Emused?

Mae Q. Howell Kay Widdowson

14 pages
Flowerpot Childrens Press

Are you EMUsed? If not, OWL try again!

Enjoy this hilarious book of puns featuring animals in goofy scenarios. Simple text and creative illustrations come together to create a simple story time read that will keep children laughing.

Author Bio

Mae Q. Howell is the pseudonym of an author who loves to make her readers laugh. As a big fan of puns, she has always wondered why hedgehogs insist on not sharing their hedges and why fairytales have a tendency to dragon. So when she was given the opportunity to create  a series that involves punny animals, it was an absolute dream come true! Mae intends on writing as many punny books as she can. She just hopes you don't think they are tearable.

Kay Widdowson is a freelance illustrator based in Chorlton, Manchester. She's made a living from art for the past 34 years. She studied at Chesterfield College of Art and Design where she discovered her love of illustration and design. She then worked as an animator in children’s television for five years before going freelance. Since then she has worked as a freelance illustrator for children’s books. All her work is hand-drawn and painted in gouache, felt-tip pens, and colored pencils in a messy way and then adjusted in Photoshop. She enjoys being in her studio every day with her cat Blue, radio on, paintbrush in hand, coffee and biscuits at the ready, and painting all day.