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Delores Thesaurus

Jessica Lee Hutchings Hazel Quintanilla

32 pages
Flowerpot Childrens Press

Do big words suit me? Indubitably! Do they suit Delores? Look inside and see. Dolores loves collecting words! Come join her on an adventure that celebrates the joy of language. This light-hearted and word-driven picture book encourages readers to expand their vocabularies as they follow a charming Dolores on an endearing adventure.

Author Bio

Jessica Lee Hutchings is a trained chef with a degree from Johnson & Wales University. She has worked as a pretzel twister, watch salesperson, and high school teacher, but she has always dreamed about writing. Jessica is originally from Alabama but now lives in California with her husband Paul. She enjoys traveling to new places; revisiting old favorites, like Spain, Australia, and Hawaii; and eating doughnuts.

Hazel Quintanilla has a passion for illustration. She has spent her life mastering a wide variety of media. She has worked on over twenty series in the US, England, and India. Hazel lives and works in Guatemala with her husband and their three cute dogs.