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A Person’s True Vocation

Vincent Li

Professional Services Press
In 2009, the world is reeling from the impact of a global financial storm. For a series of young professionals in Hong Kong and Indonesia—places somewhat immune to the crash—life isn’t as easy as they had hoped. Now, when nothing is certain, they must find a way to rise above the challenges of life in a soulless corporate world.Michael’s trying to come to terms with being told he has to leave Hong Kong, thanks to a transfer to Indonesia. Who would have thought the general manager of a recreation club could be this stressed out? Simon has a job that should be relaxing and rewarding, but he has to find a way to outwit a board that wants him impeached. Chris, the ambitious (and slightly overwhelmed) marketing director of a fashion brand-management company, is hoping to launch an extravagant fashion show against all odds of economic downturn and corporate politics. And poor Roy and Joey wish they still had jobs to worry about. But they’ve just been told that they are redundant in their respective (former) workplaces—on the same day.Success in this world is not only about who you are; it’s about who you know. Sometimes you are what you do, and sometimes you just do the job. Together, these friends explore the absurd, delicious, existential anguish of the quest to discover what life truly has in store for each of them.
Author Bio
Vincent Li has lived in the UK, Japan, Korea, the UAE, Canada, and Indonesia. A veteran of the aviation and travel industry, he is a blogger for the education post of South China Morning Post, among other online publications. He was born in Hong Kong and now lives in Shanghai.