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A Collection of Seven and Fifty Approved Receipts Good Against the Plague


200 pages
Library of Alexandria
I through Gods divine providence, have had at ſeveral times, great occaſion to make uſe of Medicines for the health of my own body, as namely in the year 1642, for Cuts and Shots, where then I came acquainted, and into familiarity with MaſterGeorge Dunne Chyrurgion, Maſter Leadbeater the Apothecary, Maſter Guye, Maſter Hicks, and Maſter Nicholas Culpepper,by whoſe familiarity I loſt nothing, in the end of September 1663 our houſe was viſited with the Plague, one died before we knew what it was, the family was five in number, I lay in the ſame bedding the deceaſed dyed out of, he dyed full of the marks, I had a Boyle in my Groyne that never brake, but went away by purging and vomiting, my fellow had one that brake, yet none dyed but the firſt, I helpt to Coffin about ſix perſons, in one family at that time, yet by Gods providence am yet alive, in the year 1649, I had a long ſickneſs from Midſomer till Chriſtmas, of that miſerable diſeaſe called the griping or plague of the Guts, which cauſed me to ſearch all publick means for cure, and having ſpent what means I had upon Doctors like the woman that had the bloudy Iſſue: And all gave me over for dead, I betook me to ſearch for directions in books, and after the reading of many providence guided me to light upon the moſt excellent and approved Works of that famous Doctor named DON ALEXES, a man well ſkilled in the Latine Greek, Hebrew Chaldes and Arabick tongues, and of divers other Nations and Countreys, he being naturally inclined and took a ſingular pleaſure in Phyloſophy, and in the ſecrets of nature, he travelled ſeven and twenty years to gain knowledge, the five books were tranſlated into Engliſh by Maſter William Ward and MaſterRichard Andrews and Dedicated unto the Right honourable Francis Lord Ruſſell Earl of Bedford, but leſt I ſhould make my Porch greater then my building, I do refer thoſe that would be further ſatisfied, unto thoſe five books aforeſaid, where they ſhall finde every one inſerted, I gathered them at firſt for my own perticular private uſe, but conſidering the ſcarcity of the books and altogether at an extraordinary dear rate, I have for the publick benefit of all men expoſed them to the care of the Printer to ſerve for publick uſe.