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What Jesus Taught

301 pages
Library of Alexandria
When the great military hero and world conqueror, Napoleon Bonaparte, lived in exile on the island of St. Helena, he declared that Jesus was so supremely great that it is impossible to make comparisons between Him and any other being in the world. "I know men," said Napoleon, "and I tell you that Jesus is not a man. Everything in Him amazes me. His spirit outreaches mine, and His will confounds me." It is wonderful that a man like Napoleon, whose natural arms were fire and the sword, should be so deeply impressed by the life and teachings of the lowly Nazarene. But Napoleon is not alone in his admiration and love. Throughout the nineteen centuries that have passed since the Master lived upon the earth, men of every clime have learned to know Him and to worship Him. Today there are but few peoples known to mankind that do not acknowledge Jesus the Christ. The wonderful story of His life has thrilled both the young and the old the world over since first it was told. The wisdom, the justice, and the loving kindness of all His teachings, have inspired the nations to make them better. No other man in all the history of the world has exerted so profound an influence on the lives of his fellowmen, and on the laws that govern them. Now, you have read in other books the story of the life of Jesus. You know when and where He was born; how God the Father protected His Son; how he grew to manhood, waxing strong in spirit; how He taught, and wrought miracles amongst His own people; how they rejected Him and crucified Him; and how He rose from death and returned to His Father in heaven. It is a strangely beautiful story. But we do not want to retell it here. It must be our purpose, in this little book, to tell as interestingly as may be what Jesus taught. Certainly, it must be interesting to know something of the teachings of the Man who has made so profound an impression upon the history of the world. We want to know what the life-work of Jesus means to us and to our fellowmen. And to begin, we must try to find out what Jesus Himself thought about His mission on the earth.