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Washington Crossing the Delaware

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Library of Alexandria
CAST GENERAL WASHINGTON COLONEL REED JOHN HONEYMAN COLONEL RALL A CORPORAL A SOLDIER GENERAL KNOX COLONEL GLOVER MOB VOICE ORDERLY ANNOUNCER The fall and early winter of the year 1776 saw the fortunes of Washington’s army sink very low indeed. Beginning with the defeat on Long Island in late August, Washington and his army had met reverse after reverse. They had been forced to retire in succession from Manhattan to Fort Washington, then across the river to Fort Lee, then from Fort Lee to Hackensack. This succession of defeats and the enforced retirements had disorganized and depleted the army. But even worse than that, it had well-nigh ruined the morale of the civilian population, whose hearty support was absolutely necessary if the war was to be carried on. But now, discouraged and disheartened, the mass of the population gave Washington no help, no encouragement, no cooperation. This is the situation on the morning of November 22, 1776, as we begin our story. Washington is in his headquarters at Hackensack, New Jersey, when Colonel Joseph Reed, his aide, enters—REED