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Stephen Holt MD

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Stephen Holt MD navigates the controversies surrounding the HCG diet, which has become one of the most popular weight control interventions in the practice of integrative medicine in the United States. The experts agree: This book is another masterpiece of thought on weight control from Stephen Holt MD who is a pioneer of integrative medicine on a global basis. -John Salerno DO, Atkins Consultant, The Salerno Center, New York. The HCG Diet Revolution is a very thoughtful account of the reactivation of interest in the Simeons Diet that was first described in the 1950s. This book takes a cautiously optimistic approach to this diet, which is still in search of an evidence base. The Simeons approach was defined to improve the aesthetic outcome of weight control with improvements in body contour. Many mature women have discovered the benefits of the HCG diet.
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Stephen Holt MD, DSc, is a best-selling author, physician, and researcher. He has been described as a visionary, a pioneer of integrative medicine, and he is listed in the who's who of the World Anti-Aging Society.