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Lucas Comes to America

Carolyn Farb

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Meet Lucas, a special dog with a wonderful life. A Lucas terrier born in the United Kingdom, Lucas came to the United States when he was just a little puppy-small enough to ride in a backpack! He came to live with his new mom, Caroline, and now he wants to share his life story with you. Lucas talks all about his day, including his food, training, trips to the vet, encounters with a groomer, visitors to his home, and everything about his life with Caroline. He has faced hurricanes and experienced hotel living; he has even started a family with the neighbor's terrier, Zoe. Lucas is a happy dog, and his life with Caroline is filled with fun and excitement. See how this dog from the UK adjusts to his new home in Texas-in style!
Author Bio
Carolyn Farb is a native Houstonian. She attended the University of Oklahoma and received an honorary doctorate in 2003 from Northwood University. She is the mother of one son, Jake Kenyon Shulman, who passed away in 2004. Currently, she is Houston's premier volunteer fundraiser and event creator, as well as an avid art collector. She is supported by her best canine companions-Lucas, a fearless and energetic Lucas terrier, and his pup, Maximillian.