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Jimmy the Squirrel

Amr Taher Layal Taher

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Jimmy is a young squirrel who is hard at work collecting nuts for the winter. He is very happy; he has good friends and a good life, there in his neighborhood in the forest! Everything is very safe, and the neighbors all help each other. Then one day, a strange new threat comes to the forest. Giant machines begin to destroy the tree homes in the neighborhood! The squirrels find themselves homeless and without the food they stored for the winter. What will they do to survive? Forced to leave their homes, the squirrels wonder where they will go and how they will get through the winter. Then Jimmy stands up to help the whole group. Led by Jimmy's courage, they band together in search of a new place to call home.
Author Bio
Amr Taher has had a passion for writing all of his life. An accomplished entrepreneur living in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia, he writes stories for his four children, encouraging them to use their imagination, be courageous, and rise to the occasion under the most difficult of circumstances. Jimmy the Squirrel is his first book.