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The Ocean World Coloring Book

Reveal the Beauty of the Seas

96 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
Coloring enthusiasts will love these fascinating images of the ocean world that showcase the the animals that depend on the sea and its ecosystem for their survival. There are underwater scenes that reveal the plants and other organisms that live beneath the waves, often with little sunlight; beautiful studies of seashells; exotic fish; amazing amphibians; sleepy seals; and birds who thrive in their coastal habitats. With more than 40 images to choose from, colorists can follow the colors of the original images that sit side by side with line artworks to be filled in, or they can select their own palette of colors as they wish. This wonderful coloring book will provide hours of fun and entertainment.
Author Bio
David Woodroffe is a bestselling illustrator and paper engineer. In his long career he has worked on advertising campaigns, magazines and comics as well as academic books and children's picture books. He has worked for a number of top publishers, including Simon and Schuster and Michael O'Mara. His book credits include The Complete Paper Aviator and The Complete Book of Origami Animals. He is based in the UK.