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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Space

A Visual Voyage through Our Universe

128 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Set off on a cosmic odyssey with this lavishly illustrated hardback encyclopedia, packed with out-of-this-world facts and full-color illustrations that will delight and surprise young readers.

From the birth of a star to the mystery of dark matter, and from the power of black holes to the search for extra-terrestrial life, this definitive guide unravels the mysteries of our incredible universe. Written in easy-to-follow language but reflecting the latest astronomical research, this enchanting encyclopedia will ignite childrens' passion for the space science and its incredible discoveries.

• In-depth profiles of the planet in our solar system
• Beyond our solar system: galaxies, exoplanets, distant stars and astronomy
• The history and latest developments in space exploration
• A timelines of exploration
• A glossary of key terms
• A Q&A quiz

Spectacularly illustrated by Marc Pattenden, this beautiful and accessible encyclopedia is ideal for children aged 8+.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The Arcturus Illustrated Encyclopedias series brings together beautiful hardback reference guides for children, brought to life by eye-catching illustrations by Marc Pattenden. Entertaining and accessible, these encyclopedias are perfect for any home library.

Author Bio

Claudia Martin is a highly respected author of non-fiction for children and young adults, with an exceptional talent for making complex ideas accessible. She specializes in the subjects of geography, science, and the natural world. Her books have been translated into 14 languages and have sold over a quarter of a million copies. She lives in London.

Helen Giles (contributor) is an astronomer with a PhD from the Observatoire de Genève in Switzerland. She is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, a Member of the European Astronomical Society, and an expert in the study of starspot photometric signatures and the hunting of extrasolar planets.

Marc Pattenden is a self-taught illustrator from Lewes, in the UK. He works digitally with the aim of creating colorful engaging work, full of texture and atmosphere. Marc finds the process of illustration a totally joyful experience and is very glad to have made a career out of it. He hopes to be drawing beautiful pictures for many years to come.