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Twisted Fairy Tales

Think You Know These Classic Tales? Guess Again!

Stewart Ross Samantha Newman Jo Franklin Chris Jevons James Hearne

192 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Classic children's fairy tales retold with an anarchic and hilarious new spin for a new generation of readers.

Author Bio

Stewart Ross is one of Britain's most popular and versatile writers, with over 300 published titles to his name. As well as prize-winning books for children, such as the Washington Post & Sunday Times Best Children's Book of 2011 for Into the Unknown (Candlewick), he has written novels, several plays, three librettos, and a musical. He lives in Canterbury, in the United Kingdom.

Samantha Newman is a children's fiction author with a talent for humor and a flair for the fantastic. She has adapted folk tales from around the world; brought Shakespeare to a modern audience; and remixed fairy tales, with hilarious results. She lives in London, with her fiancé, and during her infrequent desk breaks, she enjoys yoga, cooking, and befriending the birds in the park.

Jo Franklin is the popular author of the 'Help!' series (Troika Books). She lives in South London.

Chris Jevons is a children's book illustrator based in Harrogate, UK. He has illustrated many books including picture books, board books and fiction series.

James Hearne
has illustrated numerous children's books and supplied thousands of decorative designs to company's around the world as a freelance artist. Originally from the UK, he lives in Calgary, Canada and while avoiding extreme cold and bears, he loves to create decorative and narrative illustrations from his warm safe house.