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Essential Knots Kit

Includes Instructional Book, 48 Knot Tying Flash Cards and 2 Practice Ropes

Andrew Adamides

48 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

This attractive hinged box contains the essential tools for learning practical and decorative knots, including an instruction book, flash cards and two practice ropes.

This kit is ideal for anyone looking to learn the basics of knot-tying or hoping to expand their repertoire. The full-color guide contains straightforward, step-by-step instructions for each knot. Red and blue colors differentiate the two ropes in the instructions, to match the practice ropes provided. Andrew Adamides also informs you of the history of each knot, its difficulty rating, and possible applications.

Knots included:
• Fisherman's knot
• Reef knot
• Clove hitch
• Slip knot
• Figure of eight knot

This box set also includes a handy deck of 64 cards to test your knowledge.

Author Bio
A confirmed Knot-nut, Andrew Adamides has been researching and writing non-fiction books for over ten years.